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Real Estate Practice Areas

Thanks to over 20 years combined experience in real estate law, we have a deep expertise in a the full spectrum of real property law. Whether you're a developer in need of help with DRE and common interest developments, a homeowner working through real estate transaction, or you're embroiled in an issue that requires a real estate litigation attorney, our all-things-real-estate practice can assist you. 

Homeowners’ Associations

We represent and advise HOAs and their members on all matters involving their successful operation and governance, including the HOA’s governing documents, architectural review issues, operating rules, dispute resolution, contractual issues with service providers, elections, and corporate issues.

Real Estate Development

We help our clients create and manage all types of real estate developments; commercial, residential, or mixed-use in standard and common interest subdivisons.

Real Estate Mediation

We'll be the first to tell you: litigation ain't fun.  Mediation is a great first step to resolving real estate disputes.  It's faster, generally less contentious, and certainly less expensive.  We're proud to be able to provide mediation services to help resolve just about any real estate dispute.

Civil Litigation

We are effective, efficient, and diligent advocates for our clients in all manners of disputes, whether negotiated settlement, arbitration, mediation, or litigation.


From the drafting, negotiation and review of leases through unlawful detainer actions and evictions, we assist our clients in all aspects of landlord-tenant matters, both commercial and residential.


Foreclosure happens.  But it doesn't always have to.  We'll work with you to understand your options and rights, and help you fight to stay in your home should you choose to do so.

Real Estate Transactions

At any stage of a real property acquisition or disposition, whether property/party identification, due diligence, contract negotiation, agreement drafting, or closing, we help our clients successfully and efficiently achieve their objectives.

Risk Management

Our thorough, detail-oriented, analytical approach helps our clients to identify and avoid potential disputes and complications.

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